Emotions always run high in the NICU, whether you’re there because your newborn has been admitted, or your visiting a family. But for Sam Castagna, the emotions span his entire family.

Sam Castagna reunites with one of the NICU nurses who cared for him as a newborn.

Sam recently returned for another visit. He visits on occasion with his mother and father to help other families who are dealing with the anxiety that comes with having a newborn there.

As a newborn, Sam spent a lot of time in the NICU — enough time that he shouldn’t ever have to go back. But to Sam and his family, returning to help other parents is not an option. As part of the TLC’s mission, the Castagnas, along with other parents, spend time in the parent lounge talking to other parents, sharing their own personal stories, all while having a light bite to eat.

For Sam, “It’s therapeutic” knowing my being there makes a positive difference in the lives of those parents.”