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Sophia Faith Caliendo

Sophia Faith was born January 5, 2009 at North Shore University Hospital. She was 7 weeks early due to a condition called Placenta Previa. Even though I knew she would be born premature nothing prepared me enough for all that was about to happen. After hemorrhaging I was admitted to the hospital. Hoping to hold me off for a few more weeks my doctor put me on full bed rest. Unfortunately two days later my water broke and they rushed me down to the O.R. and performed an emergency C-section.

sophia-2After Sophia was born the nurse held her up for a few seconds and immediately rushed her to the NICU because she was in respitory distress. Sophia was put on C-Pap, antibiotics, a feeding tube and IV fluids. 24 hours later Sophia continued to struggle with her breathing so, she was intubated and given two doses of Surfactant. She was also given phototherapy for severe Jaundice.

Nearly 13 hours after birth I was finally able to see Sophia. Seeing our baby for the first time with tubes coming from everywhere and attached to all these sophia-3monitors was indescribable. I was filled with so many emotions. Everyday was a roller coaster and you never knew what the day would bring. We would take one step forward and two steps back. I would spend hours by her bedside singing and reading to her.

A few weeks later we were able to take Sophia home. She joined her older brother Alex and sister Isabella who were elated to finally spend time with their baby sister. They saw her only once for a few minutes while she was in the NICU. It’s hard to believe we just celebrated Sophia’s 3rd birthday. SSophia-018he is a happy and loving little girl. All the nurses would describe Sophia as a feisty little thing which, we believed gave her the strength to get through it all.